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    hey i just finished the call of duty black ops 2 tdm tournament and its not loading any of the stats and i am having issues connectiong to the call of duty elite server is anyone else having this issue

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  • 01/26/14--17:55: Re: VEDIO HELP !
  • Hey 2013bubba,


    You graphics card actually does not meet the minimum requirements. You can view the comparison here: http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTS-450-vs-GeForce-8400-GS. Also, here is the list of minimum specifications: Activision Support. Hopefully that clears up the confusion.




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  • 01/26/14--17:29: Re: CoD players
  • "Its not the destination or goal that matters, its the journey getting there." This is most true with gaming. Once youre at the top, you find yourself trying to find reason to play, unles youve earned it and have loads of friends and acquaintances to keep the experience fresh.


    Too true.  I think that's why IW went to objectives/challenges to earn badges.  It forces players to utilize and develop alternatives to what they are accustom to.


    The Chrome Barrel challenges is diametrically opposite of the Slug Master Challenge.


    As far as not caring whether you win or not:  Sure its occasionally fun to go back to my first squad member, dig out the Honey Badger with tracker; light up a lobby and pop off a KEM, but where's the lasting fun in that?


    Now its about getting those objectives completed that really challenge my abilities and sensibilities.


    And with getting those various badges its not like I can fall back on my win percentage or K/D ratio to impress anybody - - - the DMR Iron Sights Master badge killed both of those - - - that's why I sport that badge on a Rainbow background and run around in a Ghillie suit.


    And Rank is more function of time spent playing in a mode rather than actual skill.

    I'm 150 or so on the PS4 FFA Leaderboard, but that's ONLY because I ONLY play core FFA and have 21000+ kills; NOT because I'm a talented COD player.

    Be impressed, be very impressed ------------------------------------------ lol.

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    SO , I bouth call of duty gosts FOR 70€ !!! on xbox store!

    I'M in belgium

    adres :



    ANd i get a french game! WTF?!

    can you guys (activision) plezse change it.

    I Bouth it on xbox live store!!

    I Did not had a change to choose it!

    And i payed 70 euro's

    30 euro's more then in-shop game to you guys and i get a french game can you please turn tis to english? Thank you greetings TheSinEater'


    Message was edited by: SavageHam

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    Today in a game on squads my mini-map was reduced in size and i have no idea how. It is so small i can hardly see it. The spacing is there as normal but the players running around has gotten so small. How do i fix this?

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    free fall is only available in private matches and the mosh pit its not in main game modes if your playing on x1 yea i feel a ya its frustrating to party up

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  • 01/27/14--18:11: Re: amplify needs buff
  • Dead silence "move silently". Its not working the way its described.

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    Another sniper hate thread. Whats wrong with sniping? Honestly. Today, I got way too many BS hit markers with the Chrome-lined L115 Sniper Rifle, so dont tell me snipers are ruining game. Snipers were already majorly nerfed, and it wasn't a placebo. Dont nerf snipers again; they are already harder to use than hell now.

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  • 01/27/14--18:13: Re: Season Pass Scam
  • Read the back of that card. It says its a $50 Xbox money card & more stupid stuff about tax.

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    CCan I join I want to be in a clan I'm pretty good on the game I have a xbox360

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    Consider it this way: Snipers have 3 less perk slots that are available to them, because quickdraw is on every single quickscoper class in Ghosts.  Quickscopers often don't use lethals, tacticals, or secondaries for this reason. 


    Plus, the best quickscopers in the world have a KD of about 1.7 - 2.0, when the best MLG professionals out there have upwards of 3.0 KD ratios.

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    how many ps4 members

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    please add me at crypticlemur1 on xbox one

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    T_Knight wrote:


    Just because you don't use it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist and it utterly fractured the community and it's part of the reason the turnover rate to ghosts is awful. Treyarch managed to piss off all the Wiimote users


    Yeah, all 10 of them!

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    I agree with that, Im not a big Free for All fan. But ideas are always cool.

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    not i! lol. i use danger close explosives on a different, more mobile and lethal (as in the term, not the equipment) class.


    i have plans for a shield/c4 class WITHOUT danger close, for the purpose of getting a kill with the c4 and then scavenging a weapon.

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  • 01/27/14--18:15: Re: Favorite Maps
  • 1. Warhawk

    2. Octane

    3. Tremor

    4. Strikezone

    5. Prison Break

    6. Flooded

    7. Stonehaven

    8. Soveriegn

    9. Stormfront

    10. Whiteout

    11. Siege

    12. Chasm

    13. Overlord

    14. Freight

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    wow. i didn't know you could count that high good job!

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    I use the call of duty ghosts app, i created a clan when i started back in December, and deleted it, now 3 days i recently created a new clan and put alot of effort into, by yesterday it was level 8 with 17 members, i then updated the app before bed, and awoke to startling new that when i opened the app i was in my old clan i deleted back in december and when i go back to my clans page the clan's commander is classified after releaving my old clan i applied to my new clan just to see if i'd still get a notification and i did, i got a notification stating a application had arrived, meaning i still am the commander yet i have no access to my clan.

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